Tea set of Mrs. Potts and Chip – The Beauty and The Beast


$ 143.36 $ 132.16

Tea set Mrs. Potts and Chip (Beauty and the Beast) Japanese version.

Size: Mrs Potts height- 14 cm (5.6 inches) Chip height – 7 cm (2.8 inches)

Material: Porcelain  Weight: 850 g approx. Original and rare.

It is decorative, it serves to serve and take tea, but NOT to prepare tea, it can not be put in the vitro or to fire.

Design: Kato Kogei for Disney. WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING!

NOTE: Chip has a small part of the edge that is not golden, this is not a defect, it is in the area where Chip is supposed to be broken in the film, but that broken is not something that can be reproduced in the cup for safety obviously, so in that part that Chip is broken in the film, the cup of truth that includes this set has no golden color to indicate that this is where it should be broken, as in Beauty and the Beast.